About Me, and This Blog

I am a 39 year old female, would-be convert to Orthodox Judaism living in a medium-sized city (with a tiny Jewish community) in southern Canada.  I’m not married (as I am not very good with the whole in-person romantic relationships thing), but I do have two cats.  They’ll probably make occasional guest appearances. I also have a couple of additional challenges to work around — mild spastic cerebral palsy, and fibromyalgia (I deal with these through a complex exercise regimen, lots of drugs, and imperfect self-discipline).  Did I mention the “marginally insane” part, yet?

I have been to Israel twice, and speak some Modern Hebrew.  I was actually in Israel when I decided I was going to convert to Judaism, in April of 2013.  I work for a company that has a large office in Jerusalem, and my working group is based there.  It’s kind of weird having a boss who’s ~9300km (and seven time zones) away.

I have been in contact with the local Orthodox rabbi and he has agreed to take me on as a conversion candidate, and I’ve started plowing my way through the graduate-school-sized reading list, but so far, due to his busy schedule and my busy schedule, I haven’t been able to formally start conversion classes.  Nevertheless, I’m doing what I can and trying to incorporate as much Torah practice into my daily life as possible.  (I keep forgetting to say brachot before I eat, though…)

I am starting this blog to record my thoughts, struggles, book reviews, impressions, and (funny) anecdotes.  Given that the synagogue I periodically attend really ought to be called Beit Meshugge, probably lots of the latter.  Also, don’t expect this to be in anything like chronological order, at least for the first little while.  I’ll be writing things down as they occur to me, or appeal to me, not necessarily as they happened.


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