How Did You Do It?

Ask post for any other converts or baalei teshuva out there:

When you first started keeping kosher, how did you do it?

How do you handle things like making arrangements so you could have a hot lunch at work?

What do you do when you’re travelling or out running a lot of errands or something and there are limited (or no) kosher options available?  (This particularly concerns me with airports, because airport security will confiscate many different kinds of food you try to bring with you beyond say, candy and protein bars — which get boring after a while.)

Did you get a Shabbat food warmer, or a blech?  If so, where, and how?

Do you have a water urn?  If so, where did you get it?

What do you do about opening the fridge?  (Some observant Jews won’t open the fridge at all on Shabbat in case opening it causes the compressor to come on, whereas others will wait until the compressor is on first.)

Are there any other issues you can think of that tripped you up or were difficult to negotiate at first?



One thought on “How Did You Do It?

  1. OK So I have to remember to check your blog regularly, or subscribe.
    I was lucky when I started keeping kosher. At home my mother got me my own utensils (and I didn’t know about toveling dishes or anything like that). At university, there was a kosher dining hall, at HIllel House. I could order kosher meals back then when flying–something that apparently rarer and rarer today.
    I also ate a lot of junk. 🙂
    Regarding the fridge, I just made sure the light was off–didn’t think about the compressor at all. Today, my Israeli fridge has a special shabbat setting. 🙂
    I didn’t spend too many shabbatot at home once it mattered to me.


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