Women’s Lecture at the JCC

I just got home from attending an inspirational lecture (with dinner) at the local JCC, to which the Rebbetzin invited me. I actually thought the lecture was prety good, if only because it showed me that my coping mechanisms are pretty much in the right place. I don’t often get a chance to talk shop about adversity and how to deal with it, so hearing someone I totally didn’t know (an invited speaker who came all the way from LA) talk about how she dealt with the untimely deaths of five of her eight (!!) children (four died of a genetic disorder, and the fifth died of an accident as a young adult). And here I thought my one friend’s parents — who lost two childen at birth in the late 1940s, then three of the surviving four in three weeks in the terrible influenza epidemic of 1950* — were the worst case I’d ever heard of.

Also, the dinner was very nice. It was so nice to go to a catered event and just not have to worry about my dairy issues — meat kosher! There was even some sort of pareve dessert, which was sort of like a weird quasi-alcoholic tasting chocolate pudding with some kind of ersatz whipped cream stuff on top.

I also got to see some people I knew, and have some good conversations, although people have seriously got to stop telling me things I had already figured out!

* Get your flu shots, folks. This year, next year, and every year.


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