Gettin’ Control Freaky

As my job hunt goes on (and on), it’s looking more and more likely that I’ll have to leave my current city of residence and move to Toronto or the Kitchener-Waterloo tech triangle. (No, I will not even consider moving to Alberta and working on Tar Sands-related jobs. Don’t even ask.) This is causing me anxiety (when am I ever not anxious?*) regarding my conversion process. I haven’t even started formally studying (although G-d knows I’ve done enough reading on my own) with the rabbi here, and all of a sudden I’m looking to have to begin the petition process all over again.

Does anybody ever have a smooth conversion to Judaism? Anywhere? Ever? Asking for a friend.

On the upside, if I get this new job I’m angling for, I’ll be working quite close to a large Jewish neighbourhood, which would be good for me Jewishly, although Torontoishly, the location could be better. ^_^

My friend DA would advise me to just let it go and let G-d sort it out, but being this sort of passive passenger in my own life frustrates me to no end. I guess this is the central issue I’m supposed to work out in my life right now.

* The people who raised me are Scottish, and if there’s anything of the commonalities the Scots do even better than the Ashkenazim, it’s “doomin’ an’ gloomin’.”


One thought on “Gettin’ Control Freaky

  1. Is there a chance that you can check out the community before you move there? Or try several before you decide where you want to live.

    You definitely don’t start in the same position as when you first encountered Judaism. Everything you have read and experienced will show as confidence and familiarity and give a totally different first impression to your new rabbi. And maybe you can even get someone to write a letter stating how long you have been involved in Beit Meshugge, objective proof that you are not at point zero anymore.

    Anyway, best of luck!

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