Ottawa Shooting and Reactions

I’m absolutely stunned by the news of the shooting today at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. I live nowhere near there, but it’s still horrifying. I feel like things like this haven’t happened here since 1970, and I’m hoping, although not optimistic, that Harper doesn’t decide to invoke the War Measures Act like Trudeau did (and for which I’ll never forgive him).

I belong to a closed Canadian political discussion group on Facebook, and the Usual Suspects there (or maybe I should say, lehavdil Wm. M. Gaines, the Usual Gang of Idiots — only sincerely) are going on the conspiracy theories already. This leads me to a very surly (and probably unworthy) thought, paraphrasing an actual Nazi (Hanns Johst) — “When I hear the phrase ‘false flag,’ I take the safety off my Browning.”

I am very interested to see how this will all shake out, although I’m (as usual) upset that the shooter has been himself shot, since I think it’s always useful to try to get these guys alive so one can determine their motives. I do hope he left a manifesto somewhere, because otherwise, the speculation is going to send a lot of people haring off after one thing and another, and I see some very real threats to our civil liberties looming, not to mention the possibility of retaliatory violence against one group or another.

For many of the conspiracy theorists out there, of course, everything comes back to Jews and Israel. The Islamic State is actually a Mossad creation. Harper’s support for Israel has radicalised Islamic terrorists, so they’re engaging in blowback. This shooting (and the incident yesterday where a man attempted to run over two police officers in Quebec) are false flag operations designed to further curtail our civil liberties and bolster Harper’s chances in the next election. The tail is wagging the dog. And so on and so forth.

The thing is, there are so many issues festering under the skin of the Canadian polity right now that I think it would be downright stupid to speculate, and I hope everyone can exercise their good judgement, commitment to right action, avoidance of lashon hara, and national comity in the face of tragedy and uncertainty.


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