I really wanted to go to shul this morning, but apparently my alarm was turned too low, because I slept right through it. This isn’t surprising, since I went to bed at 7PM last night (although I was up in the middle of the night for a couple of hours because I was burning up — homeostasis, ur doin it rong!) and generally slept like a rock. (I did finally give in and turn on the light so I could read while I was waiting for my temperature to come back down. *sigh*)

Other than that, it was a good Shabbat. I did a lot of sleeping, a lot of reading, and studied some more of my book on the halacha of kashrut, which I must say is absolutely bone-dry, and details a tonne of the minutiae of the procedures surrounding scenarios where meat and milk come into contact. This is probably not something I’ll likely ever need to know in any detail, because I don’t consume dairy products, other than the occasional thing that has a dairy hechsher on it for “CYA” reasons but otherwise contains no actual discernable dairy products. I suppose if I wind up marrying someone who eats dairy, I might have to do meat/dairy kosher, but at this point, it’s a total non-issue. (Anybody know any eligible lactose-intolerant bachelors? *g*)

Izzy’s eye seems to be improving vastly, so I’m very, very happy about that. He’s also stopped sneezing every five minutes. It’s a good thing.

The job thing is also heating up for me; I have three very promising-looking leads right now, one of which started the phone interview with the woman on the other end saying, “You know, I really love your resume!” (Bite me, career transition counsellor guy who said that I needed to redo my resume. Was that my outside voice lashon hara? Yeah, I’m still working on that part. Perfect, I ain’t. Yet.) That one is going to turn into a face-to-face interview sooner or later, and is in my hometown, albeit way out in the back of beyond near the airport, and I don’t drive (harrumph). The most recent one is for a job in a city about an hour east of here, where I went to graduate school, and when I read the job description (forwarded to me by my wonderfully devious evil-minded recruiter), I thought, “Wow, they’re looking for their very own Sara-Elisheva! Fortunately for them, one happens to be on the market.”

While moving an hour away would complicate things with my conversion, they have a very nice kehila in that town — big enough to have its own kosher supervisor and scribe! No kosher restaurant, but far more availability of kosher foods than here, at least. Having reasonable access to kosher prepared foods (available there) would make my life much easier Jewishly, particularly if I’m working full-time again, as sometimes I just don’t feel like, or feel up to cooking. I have a mobility impairment that comes with a handful of syndromic impairments, and something which may or may not be fibromyalgia, so fatigue, proneness to certain kinds of infections, and other illness are issues for me. Anything I can do to save spoons is a good thing.

I feel like I might be able to do this thing, folks…


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