Shabbat Recap — Sick Kitty

So I didn’t make it back to shul this week, mostly because when my alarm went off, Izzy decided that he had to come and sit on my neck, and the next thing I knew, it was 9:30 and far too late to leave. Also, I’m not sure of the politics of showing up on Chol ha’Moed. Bah. Oh well, next week.

Aside from that, I think I did pretty well. For some reason, Shabbat going out earlier is easier to take. I went for a walk and my neighbour asked if I was “going out on the town,” which would have been a good trick, since I wasn’t carrying anything. I basically evaded the question.

My kitten Izzy is sick. He has a horrible cold-like thing and bacterial conjunctivitis, for which I rushed him to the vet’s last week (it was visibly worse between 11AM and 2PM, and I said, “That’s bacterial and aggressive”). He doesn’t seem to understand that sick cats are supposed to be stoic and hide; he prefers the clingy approach — “Moooooom, I’m not feeeeeeling good, hug me…” *sigh*

It’s been fun with both cats sneezing in my face this week…I don’t think there’s a bracha for cat goober.


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