Hellooooooo, Motzei!

Boy, I know I haven’t been doing this Shabbat thing very long, but I have never been so glad to see the back side of it. That last couple of hours were really tough, which is I suppose the point, but still, tough is tough. I didn’t even go to shul, which would have involved a lot of walking. (As I’m still not technically even in the process of converting, I don’t feel it’s appropriate.)

I’m breaking my fast with soup with chicken and rice, and hummus with vegetables. At the point in the Havdala where you’re supposed to drink the wine, I drank most of a 16oz glass of water (lehavdil, and HaShem forgive me, but it might well have been expensive wine!) — best water I ever had.

Shavua tov, folks! We made it!


2 thoughts on “Hellooooooo, Motzei!

  1. It is much easier when you are not alone but with others in the synagogue. I dont’t know your community, but in mine everybody is welcome for the holidays who comes to pray. But we do not have tickets (we have empty seats). Next year you have to ask!


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