The State of Things, and Yom Kippur

Well, it looks like I have some nibbles on the job-searching front already — I’ve been to a highly-speculative interview with a recruiter, and had three more contacts today. I’m actually rather excited about the possibility of one of those, even though it would require moving to a different city. Despite that city’s being somewhat smaller than where I live now, it has great amenities (probably due to having two universities and a community college locally), and apparently it also has a very active Orthodox synagogue, with its own mashgiach and its own scribe, which my city does not have. That would be great. I have also lived in that city before, and quite liked it.

I’ve been concerned about the prospects of being able to continue my conversion, given that it seems likely I’ll have to move, but aside from the bother of having to find a new rabbi to study with, it seems like it might be okay.

Since I’m no longer working, especially, I do plan to fast tomorrow, even though I don’t feel it’s appropriate to attend synagogue services right now. I am looking forward to getting back there, though.


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