Shabbat Recap — Ugh, Yeah…

No, I didn’t make it to shul again, mostly because when I woke up with my MC Hammer alarm, it was absolutely pouring rain.  We’ve been having a lot of “monsoons” lately; last Thursday there were pictures on a local radio station’s website of someone not too far from me out in a canoe in the middle of their street.

Unfortunately, you can’t carry an umbrella on Shabbat, for at least two halachic reasons — first of all, there is no eruv here, which doesn’t much concern me (yet), and also primarily because using an umbrella is considered to be the same as erecting a shelter, and I really wouldn’t want to do something that flagrant.  My raincoat isn’t really adequate for that kind of rain.

Subsequent events on the weekend made it pretty clear that was the right call, anyway, as I’m now sitting at home, theoretically working, with either a bad cold or the early stages of the early flu that’s going around.  On the upside, it’s really hard to do anything that violates Shabbat when you can’t actually stay awake for more than an hour or so at a time…


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