Shabbat Recap — All The Things, Minus a Few

I didn’t go to shul again this week.  I must stop making a habit of this.  But when I woke up Saturday morning when my “MC Hammer” alarm (“can’t touch this!”) went off, I promptly fell back asleep for about 40 minutes, and then got up and tried valiantly to scramble to get ready.  After I realised it had taken me another 40 minutes just to put on underwear, socks, a dress, and a scarf (hardly master’s level dressing acumen there!), I figured I was too late to make it even by Orthodox shul standards (which is to say people sort of filter in in dribs and drabs, and the starting time is more of a suggestion than a commandment), so I packed it in and went back to bed.

Later on, I read the Shabbat Shacharit to myself, though, and spent a goodly portion of the day finishing up the last few pages of Vol. ד (IV) of The 39 Melochos, which went well.  I actually managed to make it through “the witching hour” by virtue of a long nap after lunch and getting up to go for a fairly long walk around 5PM, and then having another long nap, and then having a conversation with my housemate.

All in all, it was a pretty good Shabbat, even if the Sabbath Queen is clucking her tongue over my lack of housekeeping skills.

I still have to work on remembering to say the brachot when I eat, and I need to get a portable copy of Al-Hamihcya because it is quite lengthy and my ability to memorise Hebrew is limited.  Weird thing about the brachot is, I will often think, “Okay, I need to say ‘she’hakol nihiyeh bidavro‘ with this,” and then not actually say it in two minutes, when I finish heating it up, or washing my hands or whatever.  My brain.  I don’t understand it.  *sigh*  With luck, this will improve once I actually start getting some training on the subject.

(Half a loaf?  At least now I think of it, if not actually do it?)


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