Shabbat Recap — Well, I Blew It, But I Had Reasons

Thank G-d for bli neder, because I was riding on it pretty much all day.

I did make it back to shul this week again.  I wore my new dress (and remembered to say the correct bracha upon putting it on!), and it was nice.  Got some minor logistical problems with the neckline, but I’ll be able to fix those somehow.  I just need to experiment a bit.

I was out on my usual pre-Shabbat Friday-evening food and head back to my friend J’s place to watch a movie last night, and my friend Ed and I decided we were going to wander into the pet store near the Bulk Barn we frequent. They had some shelter kittens there, and I got friendly with this 13 week old pure white sweetie (neutered male) with huge ears and enormous blue eyes. 

Long story short, tl;dr version, guess who is draped over my front right now, purring his little white face off?  (Is it normal for 13 week old kittens to have giant grown-up cat purrs?  I thought kittens mostly buzzed until they were about half grown or so.  I’ve never had a kitten of my own before.) 

LZ at shul suggested I name him Israel because he’s white and blue. GJ’s husband thought I should name him Isaac. It looks like he might become an “Izzy” either way. I was vaguely thinking about naming him Solomon (or “Shlomo”) til I remembered that my friend JJT has a huge fluffy orange tabby named Solomon. I’m also vaguely considering naming him Rashi, because I have a soft spot for his story and the script named after him, and some interesting positive emotional connections to the name.

He seems like he’s partly like my boy cat who died on Sunday, and partly like my former boy cat, who died about five years ago (z”l, and oh boy, Goofus, do I ever miss you!).  He’s long and skinny like George the tragically abbreviated cat, but also super outgoing, gregarious, and social like Nero the cat with the slow charisma leak.  On the other hand, he does like to cuddle a lot, and he’s kissy, which is different from any of my other cats.

Shul was also pretty awesome.  Today I learnt from the “Saturday school” kids that you can sing Adon Olam to the tune of “Yankee Doodle,” with very minor modifications (much like you can sing pretty much any poem Emily Dickinson ever wrote to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” I guess?  Common meter, perhaps?).  The “insight” today also inspired me to do more tzedaka, too, which I have been shamefully neglecting.

That said, I blew pretty much everything today, including using the phone and the computer, and I partially forgot about lights and toilet paper.  New habits take a long time to grow, I guess, and can be easily disrupted by distractions.  I’m also exhausted


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