Last Sunday, I was having a pretty good day.  I got up and got out in time to do a whole bunch of errands before Hebrew class, and I was looking forward to having an energetic day to start my week.  After resting most of Shabbat, I felt pretty good, too.

i went shopping and quite accidentally found the (nearly) perfect dress to wear to shul.  The neckline’s a little low for total shul-compliance, but a camisole will fix that, it’s wicked flattering (I am a woman who looks like she has ancestors from Ukraine, the part that used to elect Miss Soviet Tractor every year and had women who pulled plows without tractors), and it meets my immediate needs by also having pockets (holy moly!).  (This means I can surreptitiously put my keys, wallet, and chapstick in my pocket and not be visibly looking like I’m carrying anything.)

I also went to the nearby-to-there grocery store and found, much to my surprise, that that Loblaws has started carrying kosher meat (which means I don’t have to order it in at the Sobeys, which is inconvenient for someone who doesn’t drive to get to), and that they also carry kosher balsamic vinegar!  Scooooore.

Then I actually made it home in time for Hebrew class, and then afterward, still felt energetic enough to go out and try to tackle weeding the weed patch I currently have passing as my front garden. 

I got one tiny corner about done when my neighbour came over to tell me they’d found my cat in their hostas…



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