Quick Hit: Something Weird for a Monday Night

I bet none of you know that Hasidic punk rock is a thing.


The Na Nachs are kind of weird, but they do know how to party.  (Learn more from the source:  NaNach.org.)

Na Nach sticker on payphone

Na Nach sticker on a Jerusalem payphone. The Hebrew reads “Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman. The King of Israel is alive and exists.”  Photo by me, April 2013, Jerusalem city centre.

In Israel, hese guys are also, I should mention, known for their Torah-inspired techno.  They’re basically HaShem’s Happy Ravers.  Probably a much safer high than E, too.

Update:  Aaaaaand  I totally missed the best joke, which is “These guys put the ‘Rav’ in ‘rave’.”  *sigh*



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