Shabbat Recap — Failure!

I again didn’t make it to shul, in part because my friend called me just before I was ready to bring in Shabbat (late, *sigh*).  I don’t feel right about unplugging the phone, because I have an 89 year old grandmother who lives alone and currently is healing a broken ankle, and I live closest.

Other than not cooking and being somewhat better about the toilet paper thing, and staying off the computer, I basically blew it this week.

I brought Shabbat in late, because I didn’t get home in time (was out with friends).

I forgot to prepare my cat’s medication in advance.

I did have to turn on a couple of lights, once to troubleshoot my timer.

I went out with friends before motzei, so I rode in a car, used hot water (to shower), and brushed my hair.

I did remember to dab my chapstick and liquid medications on (avoiding “smearing”).

Part of the problem with being furtive is that I can’t really beg off social obligations reliably, and a friend desperately wanted to barbeque some meat for my usual group of hang-out-on-weekends friends.

I know I probably shouldn’t be disappointed in myself, but I am anyway, for reasons I can’t quite articulate, even.


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